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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Customized PO printing The purchase order printout is customizable.
Add  FTP vendor communication The system supports the ability to FTP orders directly to vendors and receive acknowledgements and status reports from vendors.
Add  Purchase order notes and cancel causes Staff have the ability to apply and view notes and cancel causes on purchase orders as well as cancel causes on lineitems.
Add  Purchase Order summary information Staff are able to see all of the lineitems (with prices, copy counts, etc.) for a set of POs and summary information is listed along the top of the page. The summary information includes: total price, total # lineitems, and total # of copies.
Add  Specify purchase order numbers Ability for the library to specify its own purchase order numbers of up to 14 characters each
Add  Configurable EDI batch transmission Ability to transmit EDI orders in real time (not as part of an overnight process)
Add  Auto patron notification of cancelled order Supports the ability to set up automatic patron notification when an on-order title is cancelled
Add  Create po when ordering POs can be created in at the point of ordering
Add  Order from non primary vendors Place orders through acquisitions from other than our primary vendor
Add  Create distribution formulas System supports the creation of distribution formulas to allocate purchases between funds