Authority Control

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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Authority records: searching and editing Allow staff to directly search and browse authority records; allow only cataloging staff to edit authority records.
Add  Authority heading browse Use authority files to facilitate catalog browsing of name and subject headings.
Add  Import authorities with bibliographic records Automatically include relevant authority records when importing bibliographic records.
Add  Authority report: updated headings System can automatically generate a report of bibliographic headings updated from an authority record change.
Add  Authority report: new bibliographic headings Provide a reporting tool that includes the ability to identify for a new bibliographic headings entered in a specified time period
Add  Identify locally created authorities Retrieve authority records created via a specific library's original cataloging
Add  Automatic update of bibliographic records when authority record is updated. Bibliographic records are automatically updated when a linked authority record is modified.
Add  Create subject authority record Create and edit subject authority records.
Add  Create name authority record Create and edit name authority records.
Add  Delete an authority record Deleting authority records.