Authority Control

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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Validate original authority records via MARC 21 Create original authority records and validate them via MARC 21 authority data
Add  Code authority records so as to enable adding to multiple indexes Ability to code authority records such that they can be added to indexes later.
Add  Authority see and see also references Searching authority records "See" and "See Also" references
Add  Importing and exporting authority records Import and export authority records, singularly or in batches.
Add  Authority records: deleting System processes authority records deletions based on the status of a "delete" field.
Add  Authority record overlay Authority module capable of overlaying updated authority records based on the MARC 010 or MARC 001 field of the authority record.
Add  Locate invalid authority records Bibliographic record authority control. Highlights invalid headings in bibliographic records when validating authorities in MARC records.