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Add  Global edits via workfile creation Ability to perform global edits on bibliographic, authority, and item records by: Creating a workfile of records to modify and then specifying the changes to apply to all records in the workfile
Add  Sets and kits support Support sets (large number of items sharing one barcode) and kits (small number of items sharing one barcode). Ability to display the number of items and a list of descriptions.
Add  Multiple volume sets Ability to organize and control multiple copies of multi-volume sets and serials holdings, facilitatating circulation either individually or as a group, as defined by the bibliographic record.
Add  URL checker Provide a utility to automatically check all URLs found in bibliographic and item records. Provide an interface for checking and correcting invalid URLs identified by the utility.
Add  Display holdings screen Holdings screen accompanied by customizable brief bibliographic record display of any MARC field information, that could include: bibliographic record number, ISBN, call number, author, title, edition, and publication information.
Add  Call number prefix and suffixes separate fields Call number prefixes and suffixes are separate fields to allow searching, browsing, and reporting without the call number prefix or suffix.
Add  US MARC21 standards Fully implement US MARC 21 standards.
Add  OCLC Connexion Full compatibility with OCLC Connexion
Add  Diacritics and special characters Provide clear and simple tools for entering and editing diacritics and special characters.
Add  Display all attached records Ability to display all individual records attached to a bibliographic record, including order records, item records, hold records, etc.