Item Record

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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  User define item record fields Create user defined fields for item (copy) records. Fields can have a drop down list of valid values.
Add  Alert for last copy delete (flag naked bibs) Alert users when deleting the last copy of a title in the system so that the user can decide whether the bib record should also be deleted. Naked bib.
Add  Add item with no barcode It is possible to add an item without a barcode (e.g. an electronic resource)
Add  Item deletion utility System provides an item deletion utiliity that allows processing of large quantities of items.
Add  Item check-out statistics Item record displays year-to-date and lifetime check-out statistics.
Add  Separate field for reading level and branch and shelving location Provide separate fields for branch identification, reading level (e.g. adult, juvenile) and shelving location (e.g. fiction, DVD).
Add  Transfer records between bibliographic records Ability to transfer item records, order records, and holds from one bibliographic record to another
Add  Batch update item records (copy records) Update a field or combination of fields in a selected group of item records based on user criteria,(e.g. shelving location, price).
Add  Item call numbers System supports call numbers at the item and bibliographic level.
Add  Delete item record Authorized users can delete one or more selected items records.