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Add  Due date extension Allow staff to renew or extend due date on selected items.
Add  Check out items and override block Allow authorized staff member to override with a password a checkout block due to a standing penalty (i.e. patron owes too much money or has too many overdues).
Add  Customizable Check-out receipts Check-out receipt can be customized
Add  Fast-add at check-out
Add  Check out item to fill hold If a patron checks out a title that is on their hold list, the title on their hold list is automatically canceled.
Add  Renew by item or by patron Renew both from the item record (i.e. scanning an item barcode) and from the patron record (i.e. scanning a patron barcode and going to the checked-out items list.
Add  Keep current and previous checkout For the current and previous check-out, item record records the patron, original check-out date, original check-out location, last renewal date, last renewal location, and number of renewals. Check-out patron field links to patron record.
Add  Customizable audible check-out cues Audible cue support, for successful and unsuccessful check-out. Audio alerts may be customized.
Add  Check out uncataloged item If an item is found not to be cataloged during the check-out process, require only title, barcode, and ISBN, and make location code . Due date is calculated automatically.
Add  Renewal receipt Print a receipt for a renewal with the title and due date.