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Add  Support floating collections System supports floating collections. Ability to designate a collection or subset of items to be shelved at the branch where they are returned, rather than going in transit to be shelved at the owning location
Add  Rotating collections System supports rotating collections (such as large print and audiobook collections) that move as a group at to a designated location. Bibliographic records can be added or removed from the collection and can be updated in batch.
Add  In transit item tracking Transit information such as the source, destination, and date the item was put in transit should be available in the system.
Add  Read Multiple RFID tags for multiple items Ability to read, checkin, and activate the RFID security bit for multiple items stacked on an RFID antenna
Add  Visual alert for holding or routing Ability to display clear visual alerts for items that must be routed to another branch for shelving or to satisfy a hold request.
Add  Kits of items The system supports sets or kits of items and has the ability to display the number of items and a list of descriptions.