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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Specify fee for holds Ability to specify a fee for placing a hold or failure to retrieve an available hold
Add  Blanket holds across titles, first available satisfies request Ability to place a 'blanket' hold on multiple titles whereby the first available title satisfies the hold and the hold request is released from the other titles
Add  Cancel any hold for patron Ability to cancel one or multiple holds for a known patron
Add  Cancel any holds for item Ability to cancel one or multiple holds for a known item
Add  Hold notices real-time or batch Ability to generate available hold notices in real-time or in batch based on the library's preference
Add  Batch change pickup location among all holds Ability to change pickup location for all holds with a specified current pickup location.
Add  Target pickup location first if there is an available item System can be configured to try to fill holds from items at the pickup location first.
Add  Cancel hold - staff Staff can cancel a hold and remove from patron record.
Add  Checking out held item to wrong patron replaces hold If a held item is checked out to the wrong patron, the system warns staff and can replace the hold.
Add  Set order of libraries to fill holds System maintains an editable table for all branches, listing the order in which branches are asked to fill holds, or provides other mechanism for controlling this order. Alternatively, system can be set so that holds fulfillment is randomized across branches.