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Add  Specify branches that won't trigger holds at check-in
Add  Printable staff hold note field The system supports a separate hold note field for staff use that can print on hold slip.
Add  Pull list by branch and shelf location The system offers the ability to secondarily sort the Holds Pull List by branch and by physical shelving location within the library.
Add  Staff vs patron placed holds column The system offers the ability to distinguish between staff-placed holds and patron-placed holds through a column in the holds interface.
Add  Hold eligibility by patron, item type, location Ability to determine hold eligibility by a combination of patron category (e.g. Adult, Teen), item type (e.g. DVD, Music CD, New Book), and current item status (e.g. Checked Out, Missing, In Process, Display)
Add  Holds on MARC record formats Ability for staff to place title, volume, and copy-specific holds on serial and non-serial MARC record formats
Add  Staff holds for volumes require choice Ability to require staff to select one or more desired volumes when placing a hold request on a title whose items have volume designations in the call number
Add  Holds, immediate rollover Holds roll immediately to the next library if item status changes to unavailable, or if wait time is complete.
Add  Move patron to any position in hold queue Ability for staff to place a hold and assign the request a specific position in the hold queue
Add  Change hold pickup location Ability for patrons or staff to change the hold pickup location for any active, unfilled request