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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Customizable help screens. Library staff can fully-customize help screens and files to fit the needs of local patrons.
Add  Export result list to email User can select items from a results list and email them.
Add  Featured lists Library staff can post feature lists to library website.
Add  Dynamic reading list generation The system creates dynamically generated recommended reading lists.
Add  Session level login Allows patron the option of session level login.
Add  Patron can set up RSS feeds Ability for the patron to request one or multiple RSS Feeds of new titles by a specified: author, subject, genre, or format.
Add  Create numerical ratings and tags on titles Patrons can rate titles and add tags that can be displayed on titles.
Add  Use searchable metadata tags Patron can search metadata tags created by other patrons regarding titles in the collection.
Add  ILL requests Patrons can make inter library loan requests via the OPAC.
Add  RSS feeds for account into Patrons can subscribe (create RSS feeds) for hold, overdue and lost materials notifications.