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Add  Default patron account view Library configures default view for patron's library account.
Add  Patron can link to other patrons for content sharing. Patrons can link to patrons for content sharing
Add  Patron customizable relevancy ranking Patrons can customize the relevancy ranking of their search results.
Add  Renew items Patrons can renew items via their library account.
Add  Patron holds and check-out history Patrons can access their hold and check-out history via their library account. [Patrons can choose to keep history of items held and/or checked out. By default, no check-out history is maintained. If enabled, history is visible through the patron account and can be searched. Patron can export history to file, printer, or email, in any of several formats defined by the Library. Patron can clear individual items or all items from the history, and can set a parameter to retain items for X months. Opting out deletes existing history, with appropriate warnings to patron. Library may set parameters for saving items, e.g. file size limit. Staff can not view patron history.]
Add  Sort holds via library account. Patrons can sort their holds via their library account.
Add  Sort checked out items via library account. Patrons can sort their checked out items via their library account.
Add  Online payment receipts – printed and email Patrons can print receipts and/or get a receipt sent to their email address. Patrons making online payments can print a receipt and also enter an email address to receive an emailed receipt. Email address defaults to the email address in the patron record, but can be changed.
Add  Maintain multiple lists of items of interest. Patrons can maintain multiple list of items that are of interest.
Add  Opt in for maintaining reading list Patrons have the choice to retain lists of items previously checked out. This is turned off by default.