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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  View account summary Patrons can review their account via the OPAC, including status of checked out items, renewals, holds, bills, and reading lists.
Add  Detect duplicate patron Notifies staff of instances where patrons have registered for more than one account.
Add  Patron can change/reset password Patrons can change the password for their account themselves.
Add  Patron can change contact email address. Patrons can change the contact email address associated with their account themselves.
Add  Patron can specify hold notification method. Patrons can choose how they want to be notified when a hold becomes available.
Add  Single command hold Patron can place a hold on all the items in a list.
Add  Change hold pickup location Patrons can change the pick-up location of a hold after the hold has been placed.
Add  Specify default hold pickup location Patrons can specify a preferred pickup library branch for holds.
Add  Register online through the OPAC (self-registration) Patrons can create a library account through the OPAC. It is set as pending until confirmed by a staff member.
Add  Flexible patron passwords Patrons can create passwords that can vary in content and length (up to 10 characters).