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Add  Make a hold request for items from patron's reading list. Make a request for items on a patron's personal reading list from within that list.
Add  Patrons select usernames for use on OPAC and self-checkout Patrons can create a username as an alternative for entering library card number for accessing the OPAC, electronic resources and self-checkout.
Add  Patron can give their personal item list a name Patrons can give their personal list of items a name (Book bag).
Add  Patron can waive notices and set notification preferences for their account. Patrons can waive certain types of notices, such as courtesy notices and can set preferences for method and frequency of notices.
Add  Patrons have the ability to link to other patrons records Patrons can link their record to another patron and vice versa.
Add  Patrons can update personal information in their accounts. Patrons can access and update information such as address, contact phone number, email address, and preferences in their library accounts.
Add  Patrons can suspend the holds they have on items Patrons can temporarily suspend a hold they have put on an item in the catalog and reactivate it later.
Add  Patrons can change PIN Patrons can change their Personal Identification Number which gives them access to their account.
Add  Estimates hold wait time for items requested by patron Estimates the time a patron will have to wait for an item placed on hold.