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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Shelving location Patrons can search items via shelf location at a particular library.
Add  Search by record create date range Search results can be limited by record creation date range.
Add  User defined bibliographic fields System can be configured to search data in locally defined fields of the MARC record.
Add  Limit by library search. Users can limit searches to a selected library or all libraries of a library system.
Add  Reading level limit Users can limit search results by reading level.
Add  Government doc index / search Patrons can search the MARC 086 field for governments.
Add  Limit to publication year Users can limit searches to on, before, after or between a specific publication year(s).
Add  Limit to fiction or non fiction Users can limit search results as to fiction or non-fiction.
Add  Limit to available items Users can limit search results to available items.
Add  Series grouping Users can group a series together.