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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Search handles punctuation Users can search with keywords or descriptive headings that have punctuation.
Add  Search results navigation Users can navigate back and forth between broad search criteria and narrow search criteria.
Add  Search: custom templates Custom searches can be created for users.
Add  Browse by faceted criteria Users can browse by format, language, location and other criterion set by the library.
Add  Search results: refinement Search results can be refined, limited and sorted from the initial results list.
Add  Search results: highlight search terms System can be set to allow highlighting of search terms within results.
Add  Patron and staff searches tracked Patron and staff searches are tracked separately and administrators can review and publish a list from them.
Add  Search results: details level Users can view different levels of search results.
Add  Searching numbers Search relevant numbers, including call number, ISBN, OCLC number, government document number, standard music number, UPC code, barcode number, bibliographic record number, title control number, and item record number..
Add  Consistent search interfaces Consistent search interfaces.