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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Search results: deduplication All search results honor the database deduplification to ensure that a single record does not appear more than once.
Add  RSS feeds Every search can be turned into an RSS feed directly from the search results page.
Add  Add rows in advanced search Users can add more search criteria row when using Advanced Search.
Add  Default search type Default search box does not require selecting a search type. The Library defines the default search type.
Add  Image links to bibliographic record Users can click on an image and link to the bibliographic record.
Add  Call number search returns all branches holdings Users can search by call number and see results for all branches.
Add  Browse by call number Users can browse library holdings via call number.
Add  Limit search results Search results can be limited by publication date range, language, material type, branch or availability.
Add  Browse list of subject headings Users can browse alphabetized list of subject headings.
Add  Search suggestions based on thesaurus Offer users search suggestions based on a thesaurus.