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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Repeat recent searches Users can access their recent search history.
Add  Select all or select multiple titles from results list Users can select all or multiple titles from a results list.
Add  Search using non roman characters Users can search using non roman characters.
Add  Move from title to detail screen and back. Users can click on a title in search results to view record details and then return to the results by clicking on a link.
Add  Shelving location browse Users can browse by shelf location.
Add  Pre defined search templates that can be customized Patron can choose and customize a predefined search template.
Add  Sort results by relevancey. Patrons can sort search results by relevance.
Add  Cluster editions by title Users can set their search results to cluster by editions using the Advanced Search tool.
Add  Jump to specified page Users can jump to a specified page within search results.
Add  Sort search results Sort search results by publication date, format, call number, author, etc