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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Barcode scanning All modules support barcode scanning consistently; for example the existence of an auto-return suffix has the same effect in all modules.
Add  Search results: sorting Ability to sort by any column in any list (search results, etc.).
Add  Record printing Patron and item record screens provide 'print record', 'print screen', and 'print selected items' options.
Add  Login information display Show login identification at top of screen.
Add  Custom toolbars Staff can create a customized toolbar of icons used for editing and cataloging functions, such as Insert Row, Delete Row.
Add  Audit trail System creates a transaction log when records are updated or deleted during batch processes.
Add  View and edit multiple records Ability to view two or more records simultaneously, aligned either horizontally or vertically. Ability to copy and paste between records.
Add  Copy and paste All screens support copy and paste.
Add  Track lists if desired Add notes, change order of items, place and manage hold from lists
Add  Audio and visual alerts replace pop ups