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Add  Staff client auto minimize Ability to have the staff client automatically minimize after a settable period of inactivity to protect patron privacy. This is controlled through an org unit setting.
Add  Recent workstation activity The system supports a new interface that shows the most recent activity on the workstation (checkout/checkin/ renewal/ patron-reg activity, with links to relevant patron from each item). This would be helpful to a supervisor trying to backtrack an issue to assist a staff member.
Add  Other receipt types supported Print receipt slips for check-out, holds, fines.
Add  Notes UI in patron screen The system supports a new messages (notes) UI in the info tab of the patron screen.
Add  Local documentation and help on each page Locally customizable documentation and help on each page in the staff client.
Add  Audio signal handling Audio signals signify check-in handling for various item statuses (hold shelf, re-shelve, lost item, etc.) Audible beep for user alerts and when barcode is scanned, when a local hold is triggered, when a transit hold is triggered, and when check-in is complete. Audio signals can be customized for each trigger, on a systemwide basis. Audio signals can be disabled for the current session or the current user.