Circulation Reports

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Add  Financial reports The system provides financial reports including: patron account balances by patron, home library, cluster, and system; fines and charges accrued per time period (e.g. last twelve months, YTD, last month) and per type of charge (overdue fines, damaged item charges, lost item charges, etc.); fines waived per time period and per branch; payments made per time period and per payment method (e.g. staff desk, self-check station, OPAC).
Add  Patron characteristics Queries and reports can be limited or grouped by various patron characteristics, including: age range, neighborhood, county of residence, home branch, patron type, and preferred language.
Add  Board reports The system provides canned reports for consumption by Library Board or other external consumers. Generally, reports display statistics on check-outs, check-ins, number of holds placed, number of holds filled. Statistics should be cross-tabulated per terminal, per branch, per cluster of branches, per hour, per patron age range, per patron type, and per patron location.
Add  Behavior and use analysis The system produces statistics that can be used to understand and predict patron behavior and use of materials. For excample, how quickly is a particular book returned, on average? How likely is a particular book to be renewed? What percent of check-outs at a particular branch are renewals?
Add  Holds statistics Ability to report on number of holds placed, triggered, filled by pickup location, filled by another location, expired on hold shelf, and cancelled. Systemwide and per location.
Add  Average time to fill holds Report on the minimum, maximum, and average time to fill holds by type of material.
Add  Popular titles Generate a report to show items with hold queues above a certain threshold. Report should be based on the ratio of outstanding holds to available items to fill the holds. This report could be used to make purchase decisions for additional items.
Add  Report on circulation to patrons outside a library service area Report of circulations by library to patrons outside the library's service area.
Add  Patron registrations for a library Patron registrations for a library
Add  Number of patrons by type Report lists patron categories and tells how many individual constitutes who is in what type. Fields included: Name, Address, City, State, Municipality, Patron