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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Scheduled reports Existing reports can be scheduled to run at a particular time (i.e. off hours), or on a recurring schedule.
Add  Cross-tabulated reports Ability to generate cross-tabulated reports
Add  Modify and save reports Ability for staff to modify the system-delivered reports and save a copy of the modified version for reuse
Add  Item & bib record reports Reports can be run on the basis of combining information from bibliographic and item records, or on the basis of each independently
Add  Report SQL customization Reports can be customized at the SQL level
Add  Report printing format choices Reports provided in a choice of output formats (ie PDF, Excel, Text, HTML)
Add  Report templates System administrators can create report templates that are available to front-line staff, and can be run as is or modified to the staff person's particular needs.
Add  Track checkout stats Checkouts can be tracked on an hourly basis