Feature: Audio signal handling


Audio signals signify check-in handling for various item statuses (hold shelf, re-shelve, lost item, etc.) Audible beep for user alerts and when barcode is scanned, when a local hold is triggered, when a transit hold is triggered, and when check-in is complete. Audio signals can be customized for each trigger, on a systemwide basis. Audio signals can be disabled for the current session or the current user.

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Software Rundown

Software Status Notes
Evergreen 2.8 (2015) YES

There is better audio signal handling now. An example of how to customize the audio is at: http://evergreen-ils.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=scratchpad:custom_audio For a more comprehensive example of how to customize the audio for check-in see: http://evergreen-ils.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=scratchpad:custom_audio

Koha 3.20 (2015) YES

Works with Firefox only.