Feature: Duplicate order detection


Ability to identify duplicate purchase orders and/or purchase order items.

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Software Rundown

Software Status Notes
Koha 3.20 (2015) ?
Evergreen 2.8 (2015) YES

Provides tools to make it more clear to staff when a purchase order or items on an order have been ordered before.

Prevent Duplicate PO Names
Staff now have the option to specify a PO name during PO creation. If the selected name is already in use by another PO at or below the ordering agency for the PO, the user is warned, the save/submit operations are disabled, and a link to the existing PO is display. The link opens the related PO in a new tab when clicked.
Selecting a name which is not yet used or clearing the name field (which defaults upon creation to the PO ID) will clear the warning and re-enable the submit/save operation.
Similarly, when editing a PO, if the user attempts to use a name already used, the user will be warned and a link to the offending PO will be displayed.

Show Existing Copies
In the select list and PO view interfaces, beside the lineitem ID #, we now also display the number of catalog copies already owned at or below the ordering agency for the bib record in question.
The count does not include copies linked to the lineitem in question nor does it include copies that are in some form of lost, missing, or discard status.