Feature: Manage patron age restrictions without categories


Ability to manage age restrictions using an easily maintained system which matches the a title's age restriction setting against the borrower's age

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Software Rundown

Software Status Notes
Evergreen 2.8 (2015) YES

Juvenile flag can be set in user record, but does not update automatically.

Koha 3.20 (2015) YES

Information about age restriction is contained in a marc field (521$a Target audience). The system calculates restriction based on defined list of ‘AgeRestrictionMarkers’ and the borrower date of birth.  If a borrower tries to check out a restricted book and does not have the appropriate age, the circulation module will block the check out and issue a message like Age restriction 12 The AgeRestrictionOverride let you choose if your librarians can or can’t override age restriction. In release 3.10.