Feature: View items for local branch library (workstation) then other branches


OPAC displays search results in branch order with local branch's items first, then subsequent listings for items at other library branches.

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Software Rundown

Software Status Notes
Evergreen 2.8 (2015) YES

Ability to display holdings for the workstation branch first, followed by holdings for the remaining branches. (Template Toolkit 2.2 also allows patron to designate preferred branch which will cause those holdings to display first.)

Koha 3.20 (2015) YES

A system preference (HighlightOwnItemsOnOPAC) can be set to PatronBranch which causes the patron's home library items to display in the first position above other items on the search results and detail pages (if patron has not logged in then no branch will be highlighted). If the syspref is set to OpenURLBranch the library chosen is based on the Apache environment variable BranchCode instead. In release 3.12.