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Add to My Features Feature Feature Category Description
Add  Print individually or batch Labels Ability to generate labels individually or in batch
Add  Customize screens by login Policies and Permissions
Add  Create patron types Policies and Permissions Staff can enter and maintain user groups for patrons and staff.
Add  Create relationships between users and branches Policies and Permissions Assign a user to a location
Add  Create relationships between branches and main library Policies and Permissions Staff can enter and maintain relationships between main libraries and branches
Add  Authorized users can create shelving and branch locations Policies and Permissions Authorized users can create, edit, and delete shelving and branch locations.
Add  Create branch locations Policies and Permissions Staff can enter libraries and branches.
Add  Individual and shared staff login accounts Policies and Permissions Support for individual and shared staff login accounts; access to modules is granted by use of "roles" or "privileges" that allow each account to access as many (or as few) modules as needed. Individual logins allow user-level preferences and audit trail.
Add  Reports permissions Policies and Permissions System provides fine-grained permissions to allow or disallow staff to run specific reports, and/or to run ad hoc reports on specific sets of data.
Add  Add staff users Policies and Permissions Add staff users