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Add to My Features Feature Feature Category Description
Add  Loan rules defined by multiple parameters Policies and Permissions Ability to calculate loan periods, renewal periods, renewal limits, items charged limit, and fines and fee limits by a combination of the patron category (e.g. Adult, Teen), item type (e.g. DVD, Music CD, New Book) and current location (e.g. Checked Out, Missing, In Process, Display)
Add  Modify permissions Policies and Permissions Ability to modify permissions and parameters with changes taking effect immediately, including but not limited to: loan parameters, fine and fee structures, and user permissions
Add  Permissions assignment Policies and Permissions Ability to assign permissions at the multiple levels (system level, branch level, workstation level, user level, user group level, or function level).
Add  Customize screens by login Policies and Permissions
Add  Create patron types Policies and Permissions Staff can enter and maintain user groups for patrons and staff.
Add  Create relationships between users and branches Policies and Permissions Assign a user to a location
Add  Create relationships between branches and main library Policies and Permissions Staff can enter and maintain relationships between main libraries and branches
Add  Standard report run automatically Reporting Run a standard report automatically and email it to a distribution list of users.
Add  Add charts and graphs Reporting Include charts and graphs in reports where appropriate.
Add  Aggregate functions Reporting Reports support aggregate functions such as sum, min, max, average, and count.