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Add to My Features Feature Feature Category Description
Add  Auditor requirements General Software must facilitate validation of ordering, receiving, and invoicing processes using validated data, to satisfy auditor requirements.
Add  Define taxes/VAT at orderline level General Ability to define taxes/VAT at orderline level, with default value for supplier and list of valid tax rates
Add  Granular acquisitions permissions General Permissions can be assigned for an individual object (fund, selection list, invoice, purchase order, invoice) and function (create, update, delete, view). Permission scope can apply at any level in the organization hierarchy. Permissions can be grouped (i.e. Acquisitions administrators) and individual users assigned to a permission group. Permission groups can be hierarchical, with a child permission group inheriting all the permissions of the parent permission group.
Add  Catalog records in acq search General Search catalog records in acquisitions
Add  Provider (Vendor) record includes history General Provider (Vendor) records include links to invoice history.
Add  Claiming support General The system supports claiming
Add  Support centralized or distributed acquisitions processes General Allow information gathering and input, decision making and processing at any level in the organization structure.
Add  Claims list General Acquisitions query to show Claim Ready Items. Users can choose items to claim from this list.
Add  Item received worksheet support General The system supports a worksheet for each title received, to include title, call number, number of copies received, distribution, and processing notes. Worksheet can be displayed online or printed.
Add  MARC purchase order data import General Import purchase orders and MARC records (Vandelay)