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Add  Invoice details by fund Invoicing List invoice details for all invoices charged to a fund
Add  Add extra copies to invoice Invoicing System supports invoicing extra copies when a vendor sends more copies that what was ordered and staff decide to keep the extra copies.
Add  Invoices with or without PO Invoicing System supports the ability to enter an invoice that is linked to a purchase order, or a invoice that is a direct charge to a fund without a purchase order.
Add  Invoicing information in order record Invoicing Invoice payment information should be available in the order record: invoice number, invoice date, number invoiced, additional charges
Add  Reopen closed invoice Invoicing Authorized users can reopen a closed invoice and make changes. Example: an invoice was paid from the wrong fund; staff wants to go back and change the fund.
Add  Pay partial invoice Invoicing The system has the ability to pay a partial invoice for partial receipt of shipment.
Add  Prepaid order flagging Invoicing The system supports flagging prepaid orders so that invoicing is handled correctly.
Add  Retrieve invoice data via PO or line item Invoicing Staff can retrieve a PO or lineitem and access all the related invoicing data.
Add  Invoice Inline Lineitem Search and Add Invoicing Ability for staff to search for lineitems to invoice. Search results may be added directly to a growing invoice.
Add  Search for invoices by provider (vendor) name Invoicing Search for invoices by provider (vendor) name.