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Add  Support for multiple copy orders Ordering If multiple copies are ordered of a title, allow the user to enter fund, call number and collection code information once and copy it to all attached items.
Add  Create po when ordering Ordering POs can be created in at the point of ordering
Add  List price in item record Ordering Funds can be encumbered at the discounted price, but the copy (item) record can track the list price.
Add  Order from non primary vendors Ordering Place orders through acquisitions from other than our primary vendor
Add  Combine material types in order Ordering Multiple material types (i.e. print, AV) can be combined on a single order.
Add  Order record alerts Ordering Ability to flag order records for various purposes: to generate alerts to specified staff when new item arrives, e.g. 'weed old versions of this title'
Add  upload scanned invoice to acquisition record Ordering Ability to upload a scanned invoice to an acquisition order record.
Add  Related orders display for bib record Ordering
Add  Purchase order history Ordering Order record is annotated every time the record is touched with all historical decisions.
Add  Batched vendor ordering Ordering The system supports the ability to send batches of orders to vendors, including orders for multiple accounts. The process of breaking outbound EDI messages into controlled and timed batch sizes is automated but settable to a specific, preferred, time interval.