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Add  Track deletions General Ability to count and track record deletions (e.g. item records, patron records) per location and per system.
Add  Log files General System provides full access to all log files. Log files can be reviewed without stopping system. Logs can be enabled, disabled, and set to a specific retention threshold.
Add  View date/time stamp for recent updates General Ability for any staff login to view the date/time stamp and login for the most recent update to any record in the system
Add  Session lengths configurable by IP address range General Ability to set separate session lengths based on browser IP address ranges. For example, web sessions expire sooner for public computers inside the Library than for remote computers.
Add  Unlimited number of temporary record sets General Unlimited number of temporary record sets (aka buckets, query result sets, selection lists, etc.). Record sets can be the basis for batch field updates or for deleting original records; can be used as a limiting scope for subsequent queries; and can be exported.
Add  Barcodes must be unique General Item record barcodes and patron record barcodes must be unique. Alert staff when duplicate barcodes are entered, and prevent assignment of duplicate barcodes.
Add  Can run in Virtual Environment General
Add  Unique record identifiers General Unique record identifiers
Add  Secure protocol support General System supports secure protocols, including SFTP, SSL, and SSH. SFTP is supported in both active and passive modes, configurable per vendor.
Add  Triggered events General Ability to configure automatically triggered events (e.g. sending a notification when a patron's library card expires).