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Add to My Features Feature Feature Category Description
Add  Support for multiple Linux varieties General
Add  Created date General System records a created date for all records.
Add  Server clustering General Ability to cluster servers for failover capability.
Add  Triggered events General Ability to configure automatically triggered events (e.g. sending a notification when a patron's library card expires).
Add  Unlimited records General No limitations on the size or number of records other than that imposed by infrastructure (i.e. available storage space).
Add  System documentation General System documentation is library-specific and follows standard formats for technical documentation. Documentation is specific to the particular version of the software in use at library. Documentation is web-based, indexed, organized by function, and easily searchable.
Add  Support for most browsers General Ability to run on any current browser
Add  Web usability General The catalog website, patron account website, and related components use standards-compliant HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, JAVA, ASP.NET, and/or ColdFusion code which is fully within the control of the Library. Global and contextual navigation elements are fully customizable. The web architecture supports the embedding of custom code, widgets, and data extracted from external APIs. Catalog website and related components must be Section 508 compliant.
Add  System upgrade guidelines General System upgrades and updates include written guidelines for updating servers and clients. Includes list of new, changed, and removed features.
Add  Job scheduling General System supports scheduling of maintenance tasks, reports, and data exports. Jobs can be scheduled in sequence ("start job B when job A finishes") and can be modified or cancelled at any time prior to starting.