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Add to My Features Feature Feature Category Description
Add  Warning of patron expiration date Patron Maintenance Staff client displays warning of upcoming patron expiration date in patron information window.
Add  Warn/block at fund limit Fund Management Ability to warn or block users from spending from a fund that has exceeded the warn/block threshold,
Add  Waiving fine comments Fines and Fees When waiving charges, provide an option to add comments, such as the type of waiver.
Add  Waive notices Patron Notification Ability for patron to waive specific types of notices (e.g. courtesy notices or first overdue notices).
Add  Waive fines during check-in Fines and Fees Ability to waive fines during check-in process. Option to waive fines for the current item, the current patron, or every item until the waive fines option is disabled.
Add  Void lost and long-overdue bills on claims returned Fines and Fees Ability to apply settings to the claims returned mechanism such that outstanding lost/overdue fines are automatically voided.
Add  Visual alert for holding or routing General Ability to display clear visual alerts for items that must be routed to another branch for shelving or to satisfy a hold request.
Add  Viewable notice log Patron Notification Action Triggers (AT) logs all notices sent to patrons and this is accessible to staff in the SC to view all notices or cancel all pending notices.
Add  View total checkouts on Item Item Record Ability to view the following transaction history fields in the item record: Total Checkouts
Add  View the status of fines, and checked out items. My Account Patrons can view the status of their fines and view a list of items patron has checked out via their online library account.