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Add to My Features Feature Feature Category Description
Add  Billing for library cards Fines and Fees Billing, by registering library, for library cards.
Add  Billing notices Fines and Fees Send billing notice to patron when account balance reaches a configurable threshold. An item is billed to the patron account when it is overdue by a configurable number of days. (System calculates and assesses the correct charge to the patron's account.)
Add  Blanket holds across titles, first available satisfies request Holds Ability to place a 'blanket' hold on multiple titles whereby the first available title satisfies the hold and the hold request is released from the other titles
Add  Blocks set by system Policies System can block circulation activities (checkouts, renewals, holds) based on penalities defined by criteria in the system. Examples of these types of blocks are patrons that are referred to a collection agency, owe too much money, have too many items overdue. Patron can also be blocked by authorized library staff, who record a reason for the block (i.e. vandalism)
Add  Board reports Circulation Reports The system provides canned reports for consumption by Library Board or other external consumers. Generally, reports display statistics on check-outs, check-ins, number of holds placed, number of holds filled. Statistics should be cross-tabulated per terminal, per branch, per cluster of branches, per hour, per patron age range, per patron type, and per patron location.
Add  Boolean search criteria Search Users can search using the Boolean search criteria in the basic search field.
Add  Boopsie integration Interfaces OPAC and patron interface integrates with Boopsie
Add  Bread crumb trail of search terms Display Users can follow a bread crumb trail of their search terms.
Add  Browse by call number Search Users can browse library holdings via call number.
Add  Browse by faceted criteria Search Users can browse by format, language, location and other criterion set by the library.