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Add to My Features Feature Feature Category Description
Add  SIP2 support Standards and protocols For self checks and sorting
Add  NCIP2 support Standards and protocols System supports NCIP2 for interfacing with external applications. Support standard SNCIP2 messages, and provide capacity for adding additional messages as formats evolves.
Add  Target for federated searching Standards and protocols Catalog can be a target for federated searching.
Add  IDL2js locale support Standards and protocols
Add  Fund transfer disallowed to inactive funds Fund Management Disallow transfers to an inactive fund.
Add  Restrict access to funds Fund Management A library's funds and fund balances should be viewable only by authorized users from that organization.
Add  Apply tags to funds Fund Management Staff can create tags and apply them to funds to group them. A fund may have multiple tags. A tag can be applied multiple funds.
Add  Fund balance alerts Fund Management User is alerted when a fund is encumbered or expended that will drop the available balance below a threshold specified by the user.
Add  Add budgeted amounts to funds Fund Management Ability to add budgeted amounts for funds and track encumbrances, expenditures, and remaining available amounts
Add  Year End selective fund rollover Fund Management There is support for year-end fiscal turnover process that closes out funds and transfers encumbered amounts into a new fiscal year. This includes the ability to selectively roll certain funds over, while not rolling over others.