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Add to My Features Feature Feature Category Description
Add  SMTP support Standards and protocols System supports SMTP for email transport.
Add  SIP2 support for self-check Standards and protocols Ability to support SIP2 communications for standard circulation self-check transactions
Add  SIP2 support Standards and protocols For self checks and sorting
Add  NCIP2 support Standards and protocols System supports NCIP2 for interfacing with external applications. Support standard SNCIP2 messages, and provide capacity for adding additional messages as formats evolves.
Add  Year End selective fund rollover Fund Management There is support for year-end fiscal turnover process that closes out funds and transfers encumbered amounts into a new fiscal year. This includes the ability to selectively roll certain funds over, while not rolling over others.
Add  Transfer between funds Fund Management Money can be transferred from one fund to another (or to none).
Add  Multiple funds per PO Fund Management Multiple funds can be used in a single order.
Add  Multi year fund access Fund Management Provides access to all active funds, spanning multiple years, in the various interfaces
Add  Warn/block at fund limit Fund Management Ability to warn or block users from spending from a fund that has exceeded the warn/block threshold,
Add  Copy fund definitions to new Fiscal Year Fund Management Ability to copy all prior year fund definitions to the new fiscal year