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Add  Batch check-in Checkin System provides a batch check-in utility that can be accessed by external materials handling systems to manipulate batches of item records, change statuses in batch, etc.
Add  Batch classify Bibliographic Record Ability to associate a classification number sequence with multiple bibliographic records
Add  Batch overlay with MARCive recs Authority Control Ability to perform a batch overlay of existing authority records with enriched records provided by MARCIVE
Add  Batch update (global / rapid update) General Update groups of records based on users entered criteria.
Add  Batch update bibliographic records Bibliographic Record Update a group of bibliographic records at one time; for example, add a MARC field to a group of records, or search for a group of bib records with a text string in a specific MARC tag and replace it with a different text string.
Add  Batch update item records (copy records) Item Record Update a field or combination of fields in a selected group of item records based on user criteria,(e.g. shelving location, price).
Add  Batch update orders based on status Ordering Order status – review a group of records in a status and update status (i.e. pending to approved)
Add  Batched vendor ordering Ordering The system supports the ability to send batches of orders to vendors, including orders for multiple accounts. The process of breaking outbound EDI messages into controlled and timed batch sizes is automated but settable to a specific, preferred, time interval.
Add  Behavior and use analysis Circulation Reports The system produces statistics that can be used to understand and predict patron behavior and use of materials. For excample, how quickly is a particular book returned, on average? How likely is a particular book to be renewed? What percent of check-outs at a particular branch are renewals?
Add  Bib and item records have persistent urls General Bib and item records have persistent URLs