Fund Management

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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Display fund balance Current fund balance can be displayed on fund summary and detail pages.
Add  Add budgeted amounts to funds Ability to add budgeted amounts for funds and track encumbrances, expenditures, and remaining available amounts
Add  Fund balance alerts User is alerted when a fund is encumbered or expended that will drop the available balance below a threshold specified by the user.
Add  Restrict access to funds A library's funds and fund balances should be viewable only by authorized users from that organization.
Add  Ten characters allowed for fund designation Has ability to specify at least 10 characters for each fund designation
Add  Fund and fund source Ability to tie funding agency to funding source
Add  Copy fund definitions to new Fiscal Year Ability to copy all prior year fund definitions to the new fiscal year
Add  Warn/block at fund limit Ability to warn or block users from spending from a fund that has exceeded the warn/block threshold,
Add  Multi year fund access Provides access to all active funds, spanning multiple years, in the various interfaces
Add  Transfer between funds Money can be transferred from one fund to another (or to none).