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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Unlimited funds, vendors (providers), and purchase orders. The system can handle unlimited numbers of funds, purchase orders, invoices, etc. Purchase orders/ invoices can contain unlimited lineitems / copies.
Add  Define taxes/VAT at orderline level Ability to define taxes/VAT at orderline level, with default value for supplier and list of valid tax rates
Add  Support centralized or distributed acquisitions processes Allow information gathering and input, decision making and processing at any level in the organization structure.
Add  Automated claiming Automated claiming system for all types of materials (including serials). Characteristics include: configurable default claim cycle for unreceived items (e.g. six months); ability to configure specific claim cycles for some vendors; electronic claiming for vendors who support it; facilitation of a manual claiming process; ability to force a claim outside of the defined claim cycle; ability to 'claim again'.
Add  Provider (Vendor) record includes history Provider (Vendor) records include links to invoice history.
Add  Link from copy record to related purchase order The staff client has a link from the copy to the PO that resulted in the purchase of that copy
Add  Bib record link to related line items Show related line items for a catalog record.
Add  Staff controlled line item alerts The system has a configurable drop-down of alerts for line items that staff can control.
Add  Permissions by Organization Acquisitions data are only be viewable by users in that organization.
Add  Patrons can make purchase requests Patrons can request purchases that are automatically added to a selection list for further review.