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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Invoice Inline Lineitem Search and Add Ability for staff to search for lineitems to invoice. Search results may be added directly to a growing invoice.
Add  Add extra copies to invoice System supports invoicing extra copies when a vendor sends more copies that what was ordered and staff decide to keep the extra copies.
Add  Invoicing information in order record Invoice payment information should be available in the order record: invoice number, invoice date, number invoiced, additional charges
Add  Invoice details by fund List invoice details for all invoices charged to a fund
Add  Different Fiscal year funds on the same invoice Ability to charge invoice lines on a single invoice to different fiscal year funds
Add  Tax as single line item Ability to assign tax amount as a single invoice line linked to a special tax fund
Add  Distribute tax across lines Ability to evenly distribute tax amount across merchandise invoice lines
Add  Vendor assigned invoice date Ability to input a vendor assigned invoice date
Add  Invoice search Search invoices using any combination of criteria from the invoice record and related records: vendor, fiscal year, invoice status, fund, ISBN, title
Add  Duplicate invoice number alert System alerts the user entering an invoice if there is already an invoice for the vendor with the same number.