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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  upload scanned invoice to acquisition record Ability to upload a scanned invoice to an acquisition order record.
Add  Duplicate order detection Ability to identify duplicate purchase orders and/or purchase order items.
Add  Vendor discount rate Ability to set a discount rate in vendor record, or enter a discount rate for a specific item during ordering
Add  Purchase order detail information Purchase order links to detailed information about lineitems and copies
Add  Default copies to order for Acquisitions vendor (provider) Ability to set a default number of copies to be ordered for a vendor (provider) using a field in the vendor record.
Add  Acquisitions LineItem Order Identifiers Ability to specify the identifier value to use for lineitems when communicating order information to vendors. Supported identifier types include ISBN, ISSN, and UPC. Order identifier values are relayed to vendors via EDI and print PO.
Add  Related orders display for bib record
Add  Combine material types in order Multiple material types (i.e. print, AV) can be combined on a single order.
Add  Adjust line item copies and locations Ability to adjust the number of copies received and their destinations prior to saving all selected Line Items
Add  Download order status from vendor Download order status files from vendor and process them against order, updating the status of the order. File are transferred via FTP and are in EDI format.