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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Receiving information in order record Receiving information is available in the order record: date received, packing slip number, full/partial shipment status
Add  Spine label printers Support spine label printing on laser or thermal printers
Add  Add order comments during receiving Staff can add comments to the order when the order is received.
Add  Electronic receiving and invoice Added the ability to perform electronic receiving and invoicing as follows: ability to receive electronic packing slips and invoices by purchase order or invoice number; ability to edit number of copies, amount due, freight and service charges, and tax; ability to delete line items; ability to recalculate total amounts; ability to authorize payment within ILS.
Add  Config EDI delivery delay EDI delivery delay is configurable at the system level admin interface.
Add  Auto Generate Sequential Barcode The system supports sequential barcode generation for ease of receiving and processing of new items and easily changing large groups of barcodes. There is a choice to use auto generated barcodes in interfaces where they would normally be used (such as receiving). Some parameters about the barcode symbology may need to be entered in the admin interface to correctly calculate the barcodes.
Add  Optional invoice generation in receiving Items can be received without creating an invoice.
Add  Unreceive orders Ability to unreceive orders
Add  Generate workslips Ability to generate processing workslips for titles just received
Add  Receive multiple PO lines Multiple PO Line items can be received by selecting one or more entries from a purchase order list.