Bibliographic Record

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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  RDA 264 tag support
Add  MARC editor provides context menus and wizards for creating records The MARC editor provides context menus and wizards to simplify creation of new bibliographic records.
Add  URL verification (link checker) Wizard-style interface that walks a staff member through the process of collecting records and URLs to verify and review.
Add  Strip tags during import of MARC records Ability to configure which MARC tags or groups of tags are removed from MARC records imported via Z39.50 and the Vandelay MARC Import/Export
Add  MARC upload summary and details Ability to view a MARC record upload summary screen with details on: Total number of bibliographic records considered
Add  Duplicate record matching Ability to perform duplicate bibliographic record matching based on any combination of the following: MARC 020 – ISBN, MARC 022 – ISSN, MARC 024 – UPC, MARC 028 - Publisher Number, MARC 035 - OCLC record number
Add  Unsuppression capability Ability to unsuppress any previously suppressed title
Add  Batch bib record removal Selection criteria are provided for identifying titles to be discarded in a batch (e.g. for weeding).
Add  Report deleted records to OCLC Deleted records can be easily reported to OCLC for the purpose of updating the Library's holdings
Add  Restrictions for deleting bib records System provides restrictions for deleting bibliographic records (e.g. outstanding holds, bills, etc.) as well as manageable workarounds for exceptions.