Bibliographic Record

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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Batch classify Ability to associate a classification number sequence with multiple bibliographic records
Add  Suppress bib records by criteria Ability to suppress the public display of specified titles based on: item type, item location, item status
Add  Staging file for imported bib records Ability to collect imported records in a 'workfile' or staging area for viewing and editing prior to indexing in the live database
Add  Bibliographic record: catalog add date Bibliographic record includes a field for the date the title was added to the catalog.
Add  Bibliographic record copies display Bibliographic record displays all copies, including: record ID, call number, item barcode, item status, last update to status, owning location, shelving location, volume number, price, creation date, last update date, due date, loan rule used, item message, and number of holds.
Add  Batch update bibliographic records Update a group of bibliographic records at one time; for example, add a MARC field to a group of records, or search for a group of bib records with a text string in a specific MARC tag and replace it with a different text string.
Add  Bibliographic record audit trail Ability to track history of bibliographic record editing, including username and date of editing.
Add  User defined fields in bib records Bibliographic record allows for the use of user-defined fields, similar to the statistical categories used in patron and item records.
Add  Overlay profiles Ability to create load profiles for importing or exporting records. Load profiles specify how records will be overlaid, where the fields in the imported record will be saved, default values, code conversions, and any special values to be added to each record.
Add  Duplicate call number fields Alert cataloging staff if there are two call number fields of the same type (e.g. two 092 fields).