Bibliographic Record

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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Catalog MARC & DC Ability to catalog records according to the MARC and Dublin Core record formats
Add  Library-defined bib record tags Ability to define valid tags, indicators, subfields in addition to those provided by the software release
Add  New headings update authority fields Ability to validate authority-control fields in real-time as headings are added to bibliographic records
Add  Real-time MARC format error checking Support for interactive real-time MARC format error checking and validation for tags, indicators, and subfields
Add  View multiple MARC records Ability to view multiple MARC records side-by-side in the editor for comparison
Add  Input fixed field from labeled display Ability to input fixed field values from a labeled display
Add  Real-time indexing of bib records Ability to fully index new or modified bibliographic records in real time
Add  Bibliographic record modification Bibliographic records can only be modified by users with sufficient privileges (e.g. cataloging staff).
Add  Import bibliographic records from OCLC. Locate and import bibliographic records from OCLC.
Add  Suppress bib record from OPAC display Bibliographic records can suppressed from OPAC display, but still visible to staff