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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Mark item missing Staff can mark items as missing.
Add  Item staff note field Item records can have a note field in the staff version of the OPAC.
Add  Delete bib record Authorized users can delete bib records. All attached items must be removed before the bib record can be deleted.
Add  Create serial bib record from template Prompt for MARC tags required for serial information
Add  Create monographic bibliographic record from template Create a monographic bib record using a template to fill in default values and prompt for required information.
Add  Attach item record from template Use templates and bibliographic records to fill in default values on item records.Attach an item record to a bibliographic record, using a template to fill in default values and prompt for required data. Allow the creation and selection of different types of templates for different types of material.
Add  Items on display Item status field is set to 'Display' for items that are on display at a branch. Item record provides a field for the display location. Both status and location field are reset at the next check-in or checkout.
Add  Manage uncataloged material Ability to control inventory of uncataloged material, such as paperback books and children's board books.
Add  Item OPAC message field In patron's version of the OPAC, there is a message field in item records.
Add  Archive deleted items Maintain archive of deleted items for statistical reporting.