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Add  Staff search history Bibliographic and authority search history is saved in the staff interface.
Add  Store Z39.50 credentials for different servers at different org unit levels Ability to apply z39.50 login credentials to each Z39.50 server at different levels of the org unit hierarchy.
Add  Manage Z39.50 source attributes Ability to manage Z39.50 attributes on Z39.50 sources, including administrative interface to create, edit, delete, and clone attributes from one source to another.
Add  Custom templates Ability to create custom cataloging templates with defaults
Add  ALA and diacritics supported Ability to create, import, edit, store, display and export records containing the full extended ALA character set including diacritics
Add  Preview of global (batch) edits Ability to preview the effects of global edits or batch updates before saving the changes to the database
Add  Retrieve last viewed record Ability to retrieve last viewed record with a single click
Add  Copy paste between records Systems allows staff to open more than one window to work on more than one record including copying and pasting between records.
Add  Just-in-time collection Ability to maintain a central "just in time" collection, in which holds are serviced from a warehouse. For example, popular titles with a short lifespan, and books that are often assigned at schools.
Add  Global edits via barcode scan Ability to perform global edits on bibliographic, authority, and item records by: Specifying the changes to perform and then scanning the barcodes of items to assume those changes