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Add  View copies, holds, and check-out status Ability to see number of copies, checkout status, and number of holds all on one screen (Staff interface and patron interface)
Add  Duplicate bib record detection List records with duplicate values, ISBN, LCCN, OCLC control number that may need to be merged.
Add  Material type codes Support unlimited number of user-definable material type codes, values, and indexes (e.g. book, music CD, online resource, etc.).
Add  Attach single and multiple items Ability to attach single and multiple items to a bibliographic record.
Add  MARC field support Ability to index, limit, sort, and report on all MARC fields and subfields.
Add  Bibliographic records editing Full screen editing of bibliographic records.
Add  Display MARC tags in original order Ability to display MARC tags in bibliographic records in input order instead of numerical order.
Add  Extended character set support Ability to import, export, store, retrieve, edit, search, index, and display records and indexes that use an extended character set such as the ALA extended character set (aka ANSEL or ANSI/NISO Z39.47).
Add  Availability status Library can define availability status of items based on item status and other criteria. For example, items may show as available only when their status is "on shelf", or when their status is either "on shelf" or "just returned", etc. This definition is the basis of availability display and "limit to available" searches.
Add  Mulitple classification schemes Ability to support multiple classification schemes (such as LC and Dewey).