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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Item record checkin alert Item records can be flagged so staff receive alerts when they are checked in.
Add  Batch check-in System provides a batch check-in utility that can be accessed by external materials handling systems to manipulate batches of item records, change statuses in batch, etc.
Add  Check in missing items Alert staff member item is currently in missing status and update item status to available or in transit.
Add  Check in item owned by another location When checking in item owned by another location, checkin should trigger transit slip to the owning location.
Add  Check-in screen links to patron and fine information Ability to access patron record and fine history and process payments from check-in screen.
Add  Check-in screen displays recent patron list Check-in and check-out screens display names of last (system configurable) X patrons.
Add  Damaged return tracking Ability to process and track items returned Damaged
Add  Backdate series Ability to backdate a series of checkins to a specified date and time
Add  Item records retain actual check-in date and backdated check-in date When check-in is backdated, item records retain both actual date of check-in and backdate used.
Add  Reshelving status Ability for returned items to take on a current location of 'reshelving' for a library specified period of time before they revert to their destination location/collection