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Add to My Features Feature Description
Add  Automatic renewal of materials The system can be configured to allow automatic renewals of checked-out materials until a maximum number of renewals has occurred, or another patron places a hold/request on the materials.
Add  Decrease loan period on items with a high number of holds Ability to decrease the duration of a loan at checkout for a specific number of days based on a configurable level of holds outstanding on the title
Add  Manage patron age restrictions without categories Ability to manage age restrictions using an easily maintained system which matches the a title's age restriction setting against the borrower's age
Add  Hyperlink to address checkout alerts Ability to immediately hyperlink to the function required to examine and address any alerts that appear on the checkout screen
Add  Checkout prevention on holds Ability to prevent the checkout of any item whose status is “hold available” for a different patron
Add  Shorten due date Ability to shorten an item's due date to match the patron record expiration date if the patrons account expires before the normal circulation period
Add  Checkout receipt paper /email Ability to generate a checkout receipt to a receipt printer or to the email address on file for the patron
Add  Renewal blocking Ability to automatically block renewal for any item that has an outstanding hold request
Add  Display alerts at checkout Ability to display the following alerts when a patron record is retrieved for item checkout: Patron record status (e.g. Blocked, Delinquent, Barred, Suspended, OK), the presence of any urgent free-text staff notes associated with the patron's account, the presence of any non-urgent free-text staff notes associated with the patron's account, total dollar amount owed in fines and other charges, number of available holds.
Add  Staff batch renew multiple items Staff can renew multiple items and generate a single renewal receipt.