Fines and Fees

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Add  Void lost and long-overdue bills on claims returned Ability to apply settings to the claims returned mechanism such that outstanding lost/overdue fines are automatically voided.
Add  Prevent refunds and other billing activity on paid transactions Ability to prevent refunds and other billing activity on fully-paid lost or long-overdue transactions.
Add  Disable patron credit entries Ability to disable patron credit entries in staff and/or patron interface.
Add  Paid fines summary sortable Historical summary of paid fines is sortable by column and displays sub-totals for each column.
Add  Fines history detail enhancement Fines history detail includes more information including location and time/date where item was returned and much more.
Add  Damage fee settings checked When marking an item damaged, several library settings are checked to determine whether the patron should be charged the copy price and/or a processing fee.
Add  Waive fines during check-in Ability to waive fines during check-in process. Option to waive fines for the current item, the current patron, or every item until the waive fines option is disabled.
Add  Billing for checkouts Automatically bill for checking out items. This can be specified by patron group, library, and material type.
Add  Fine payment receipt Payment receipts show date, location, patron record number, patron name, fines/charges detail, payment amount, account balance. System providesmultiple configurations for payment receipts (e.g. self-check station receipts may be use a different paper size
Add  Fines based on days open Calculate fines based on open days of check-out location. Do not charge fines for days library is closed.